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Forms and Due Dates

2016-2017 Due Dates for SHSAA Forms


Sept. 14

DUE: E5 Form Golf

Sept. 16

DUE: E15 Officials Registry – Fall Sports

Sept. 21

DUE: E3 Form School Team Registration

Sept. 21

DUE: E5 Form Cross Country

Sept. 21

DUE: E5 Form Soccer

Sept. 21

DUE: E5 Form Football

Sept. 21

DUE: E5 Form Volleyball

Sept. 30

DUE: E10 Form School Enrolment Registration


Oct. 1

DUE: E1 Form –Reclassification for Fall Sports

Oct. 13 DUE: Soccer SEEDING Form
Oct. 26 DUE: Volleyball SEEDING Form


Dec. 1

DUE: E1 Form – Reclassification for Winter Sports

Dec. 7

DUE: E5 Form Basketball

Dec. 9

DUE: E15 Officials Registry – Winter Sports


Jan. 11

DUE: E5 Form Curling

Jan. 11

DUE: E5 Form Wrestling


March 1 DUE: Basketball SEEDING Form

April 5

DUE: E5 Form Badminton

April 21

DUE: E15 Officials Registry – Spring Sports


May 3

DUE: E5 Form Track and Field

May 10

DUE: Resolutions to the Annual General Meeting



Download Forms

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